Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weight Loss Results: Week 64

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 Not much to share about my food choices. It's pretty much the same as it has been the last year. Except, 3 days a week I make a protein/fruit smoothie for breakfast as opposed to having Atkins bars on those days.

My exercise has consisted of training for my first half marathon in May. I keep thinking I should add in a little strength training, but I haven't.

I'm doing a modified version of the training program put together by Jeff Galloway. The basic plan is 30 minutes twice a week & 1 long run.

Jeff Galloway uses the Run Walk method, meaning you run a set amount of time, then walk a set amount of time & repeat throughout your run. This worked well for me because I already liked to add in walk breaks. However, I found I walked too slow during the walk portions. I'm trying to be more conscious about that and keep the walking to a decent pace. In January, I was running 2.4 miles in 30 minutes. Now I'm running 2.7 miles.

I've changed the original time & distances a bit. The original program has the longest run being 14 miles. I changed my plan to 10 miles being my longest run. It will take me 2+ hours to run those ten miles. Realistically, I knew there was no way I would run more than 2 hours during training. I get bored of running after 45 minutes. So, I set my longest run to a challenging distance, yet something I thought I would accomplish.

About a month ago, I changed Monday's 30 minute interval run to a 5k. I just felt I needed to go a little further. Starting this next Monday, I think I will up it to 4 miles for the remainder of my training.

I've been trying to make 10k's more of a normal part of my running routine. The first one I ran was a Groundhog Day virtual run from US Road Running.

Then I ran a 10K at the Heart Breaker Half. There were so many hills on that course & I definitely wasn't prepared.

Two weeks later I ran a 10K at the new Mommathon run.

Last Friday I ran 6.55 miles, a quarter marathon. I haven't ran that far since the Hippie Chick in May. I ran it about 9 minutes faster than that day in May.

In October, I set a goal to run at a pace of 12:00 for any distance. I reached that goal! Now, I'm averaging closer to 11:30.

Awhile back I installed Map My Walk on my phone. I used it on days when I wanted to record a walk, but didn't want the slower pace to affect my pace on the Nike+ app. Well, the last couple months the Nike app has been having issues and not recording my runs, so I switched to Map My Walk. I prefer the Nike app (when it works), but there are many features on Map My Walk I like, including this calendar with all my workouts. I can even manually add in a workout when I run on my elliptical.

I also like that I can set goals for myself. One goal I set was to run 100 miles in 10 weeks, averaging 10 miles a week. That seemed doable, however, I haven't stepped it up enough. To make that goal I need to run 13.5 miles each week for the next 2 weeks. I can do it if I change my plan a little bit.

The other goal I set was to reach a 11:30 pace in 8 weeks. I completed that goal!

I've still been wearing my FitBit. However, I'm not wearing it with step goals in mind. I like to see how active, or not, I've been & I aim for 10K steps a day. But, I don't always make it. Until May my focus is half marathon training, not how many steps I'm taking. Over the summer, though, I think I'll take the 10K steps a day for 100 days challenge again.

I would love to have the new FitBit Charge HR. It does all the things my Flex does, but also has a heart rate monitor. It also shows the time, which is not a big deal. But, it seems like if I'm going to wear something similar in placement to a watch, I'd like it to tell me the time. And, the biggie for me is that it tracks your workouts. The flex counts a step as a step with no distinction between running or walking. The Charge HR tracks your routes and split times, basically like Map My Walk or Nike+, but I could consolidate to one app. The question is do I feel like I've gotten the $100 paid out of the Flex?

After a couple months of the Nike+ app being stuck on the same run and crashing every time I tried to start a new run it finally seemed to get past that obstacle. However, it still seems glitchy. After reading reviews, I understand others are having similar problems. It crashes too frequently. And, although it records my runs, as I'm running it automatically pauses the run and starts again. Weird. So, I don't trust the timing on the app - which is not useful. It is a free app, making it hard to complain. But, I do expect more out of a Nike product. Nike is failing me, so I'm also using Map My Walk.

The 11 weeks since my last check in have resulted in a 3 pound loss. It's not a lot, but it's not a gain. And, that puts me right at 30 pounds total loss. Turtle in molasses slow is getting the job done.

Weight record of the last 3 months on My Fitness Pal

This month's weight chart on my FitBit page, with a goal line.

BMI chart on my FitBit page. This is the chart I'm really trying to improve on. I started up in the red zone, obese. I'm now about halfway in the yellow zone, overweight. My ultimate goal would be to reach the high end of the green zone. That would be losing 17 more pounds. It actually seems doable. Not easy, but doable.

30 pounds lost! recorded on My Fitness Pal

Weight Loss
Week 1: Starting Weight
Week 3: -5.2
Week 6: -3.4
Week 9:  -0.4
Week 12: -2.0
Week 15: -4.8
Week 18: -0.6
Week 21: -0.8
Week 24: +0.4
Week 27: -1.8
Week 30: -0.2
Week 33: -1.2
Week 36: -1.6
Week 39: -4.4
Week 42: -.2
Week 53: -.8
Week 64: -3.0
Total: -30 pounds

I've been running for 2 years, and trying to eat better for a little over a year. Hopefully, these are habits I will continue with & continue to see results - even when it's not easy.

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