Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weight Loss Results: Week 42

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I've been slacking in the food department. These three weeks were thrown off by my girlfriends sleeping over one weekend, my hubby being out of town for a week, a poultry swap to get ready for & staying up too late, which made me not as prepared as I should be for the day food wise. There were definitely many times I could have made better choices.

 I have only wore the fitbit a couple times in the last 3 weeks. I want to wear it steadily again, I just haven't motivated myself to come up with a new goal.

I have been running 2, usually 3, times every week. The consistency has really helped my time. My goal was to have a 12:00 mile for all my distances. I have totally pulled that off! All my October runs have been under a 12:00/mile! That's huge, for me.

I signed up & completed my first virtual run. I am thrilled with my time. I ran it in 1:13:58, making my per mile pace just under my goal of 12:00.

On one hand I find it kind of silly to pay to run by myself. On the other, I certainly would not have run a 10k had I not signed up to do it. A 10k is a long way! I need all the motivation I can get to start running longer distances. The Tinkerbell Half is about 7 months away, giving me plenty of time to train.

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The kids & I walked the Color Vibe 5K with friends. It was a fun way to participate in a healthy activity with my kiddos.

 I started out strong with this challenge. But, the last three weeks have not been so strong. Unfortunately, that means I won't reach my goal. I knew it was going to be difficult to lose nearly 11 pounds in 6 weeks. I was hoping the challenge, though, would make me really focus and try hard. I didn't try hard enough. However, I have about one week left and hopefully I can have a total loss of 5 pounds.

I'm down .2 pounds for the last 3 weeks. That's not the result I was hoping for. But, at least the scale didn't go up.

Weight Loss
Week 1: Starting Weight
Week 3: -5.2
Week 6: -3.4
Week 9:  -0.4
Week 12: -2.0
Week 15: -4.8
Week 18: -0.6
Week 21: -0.8
Week 24: +0.4
Week 27: -1.8
Week 30: -0.2
Week 33: -1.2
Week 36: -1.6
Week 39: -4.4
Week 42: -.2
Total: -26.2 pounds

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