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31 Days in Oregon: Swan House

• thirty-one day challenge •
{DAY 8} 
Portland Area

On Day 2 of this challenge I showed the house used in the first Twilight movie for Edward & his family. Today I show you Bella's home.

The home is located in St. Helens, a small town outside of Portland. Many buildings in the historic downtown area were used in the movie, as well.

:: Charlie & Bella Swan's Home ::
The house is located near the top of this hill. I parked in a parking lot at the bottom of the hill, then walked to the house.

184 S 6th Street in St. Helens
This is it. Bella's house. The movie has scenes filmed both inside & outside of the house.

It is such a cute house. Very homey feeling.

It is someone's home in real life, so I stayed in the street to snap a couple pics.

:: Historic Downtown St. Helens ::
This little part of town is quite charming. The shops are cute & the people were friendly. In 1984 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. A couple decades later it was used for filming many scenes in Twilight.

Columbia Theatre
If you watch the street scene closely you can see this theater in the background after Bella & Edward tell each other to put on their seat belts.

Cuts+ at 251 S 1st Street
This hair salon was used to film the scene where Jessica, Angela & Bella looked at prom dresses. Bella soon leaves to go to the bookstore.

Columbia County Courthouse
built in 1906
I'm guessing the director chose the location for prom dress shopping due to the view out the shop window: a small park & fabulous city building (minus the bats, ghosts & Halloween wreaths, of course.)

Jilly's at 299 S 1st Street
This shop is not in the movie, but the wardrobe peeps purchased prom dresses & accessories here.

Fun window art at Jilly's

330 S 1st St
This building was used as the Bloated Toad Restaurant, where Bella ate dinner with Edward.

The historic district sits along the Columbia River.

Alley between 1st St. & the parking lot on 2nd St.
This is the alley where Bella starts walking back towards her friends, but a group of guys confront her.

Parking lot at 260 S 2nd St
Edward saves the day against the bad guys in this parking lot.

Lawyer's office at 260 S 2nd St.
This building was used as the Thunderbird & Whale bookstore, where Bella bought a book about Quileute legends.

To read more about the making of Twilight check out the Director's Notebook.

:: More Than Twilight ::
Even if you're not a Twilight fan, this area of St. Helens is worth a visit. I went in October and the town had gone all out with Halloween decorations.
Lewis & Clark Path
For those of us interested in Lewis & Clark, there is a neat path dedicated to their journey along the Columbia River. It is located in the plaza in front of the Courthouse.

Down the Trodden Path
The black granite tiles are journal entries & snippets of information about the Corp of Discovery on their way towards the ocean in 1805. They returned east in 1806 after overwintering at Fort Clatsop. The return information is on the green tiles.

There are a few geocaches hidden around the historic district.

I'm not a Twilight uber fan. I couldn't tell you every movie detail. However, the book series intrigued me and it's fun to have a little bit of Hollywood in Oregon.

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