Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days in Oregon: Seaside

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{DAY 14} 
Northern Beaches

Seaside is a very touristy Coastal town about an hour and a half from Portland. It's not a place we go to often, but living in Oregon my entire life I've been there a number of times.

The Beach

The Promenade
The promenade is a concrete boardwalk built in 1920.

Along the promenade, is a small aquarium that has been around since 1937.

The Turnaround
Broadway, the main street through town, and the Promenade meet at the turnaround. From here there are stairs down to the beach.
The turnaround also marks the end of the Lewis & Clark trail.

Portland to Coast
Every year the Portland to Coast walking relay finishes in Seaside.

I'm smiling here, but this relay kicked my backside. I participated in the relay one time years ago. I didn't train at all. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Fun Stuff Along Broadway
At the center of the Seaside Carousel Mall is a carousel. Inside the mall are many gift shops, a couple restaurants, and an Old Time Photo studio.

Bumper cars, Tilt-a-whirl & Mini Golf are next to each other. They're the same ones that were there when I was a kid.

The Arcade is another fun place to play.


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