Monday, October 27, 2014

31 Days in Oregon: Powell's Books

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{DAY 27} 
Portland Area

Powell's Books is the largest new & used bookstore in the world. The Burnside location in downtown Portland is one entire city block. It's huge with more & more rooms filled with books. It's also slightly quirky, which fits in perfectly with Portland.

The entrance at Burnside & 10th

View of the 2nd story from the street.

Entrance at 11th & Couch

Inside the Store
Large, open feel. I love the big windows letting it light.

Rows & rows of books

It seems as if there are staircases everywhere.

In the Pearl Room

Looking down at books below

The end caps have lots of good books & staff picks.

I like the signage on the end caps.

More end cap signage
Am I the only one who thinks about how you get a job making these signs? I certainly can't write the books, but I'd love to find cool ways to display them.

I also wonder this when I'm at museums. Coming up with creative ways to show off the history of an area, or an artist's work seems like a job I would enjoy. I guess I missed my calling.

Children's books

I have not seen even one episode of Downton Abbey, but it seems like a show I would like. Throughout the store are mini categories and signage to draw you in.

Another mini category: Whiskey. Interesting. I thought the only alcohol Portlanders cared about were their micro brews & wine. Apparently I was wrong since Powell's has this display. I can't stand beer or wine, so I would take the whiskey option any day.

Souvenirs of all things Portland

Bridges. We do have lots of bridges.

Biking. Oh boy, do we have lots of bikers.

Bigfoot. I haven't seen him in our forest... yet...

Sometimes a book's cover draws you in. This was one I had to take a closer look at. Then, I read the title & I found it even more amusing.

More book covers that caught my eye. Apparently, I liked the less is more look.

A cart with kitty captions. This is part of the quirkiness of Powell's.

Next to the Rare Books sign

Peeking out a 2nd story window. Of course, there would be a Starbucks in view. Powell's has their own coffee shop inside the store. There's also a Peet's Coffee right across the street on 11th. People around here are crazy about their coffee. Not me. Blech. Coffee. But, probably 99.9% of the rest of the population love coffee.

Don't forget to purchase your books on the way out.

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