Sunday, October 19, 2014

31 Days in Oregon: Munson Creek Falls

• thirty-one day challenge •
{DAY 19} 
Northern Beaches

Munson Creek Falls is a state park located a bit inland from the coast. There is not a lot to do here, but it is a nice, quick hike in the beautiful rainforest of the Coast Range.

There may or may not be a letterbox hidden at this tree. Hint, hint.

Walking through this beautiful greenery is enough reason to visit.

Munson Creek

Banana slug

Wild cucumber vine

Wild cucumber flowers

Salmon berries

Reaching for salmon berries. They are edible & taste ok, but they aren't my favorite.

The falls barely peeking through.

There was a gate in the trail, stating the path was closed. So, this is as close to the falls as we got.

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