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31 Days in Oregon: Magness Memorial Tree Farm

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{DAY 4} 
Portland Area

Magness Memorial Tree Farm is the World Forestry Center's education forest. It's 80 acres located about a half an hour's drive from the World Forestry Center itself.

We've only visited once, & I'll admit that I left there a bit underwhelmed. I don't know why. It was a nice place, just not what I was expecting. I think maybe I was envisioning an education center along with the trees or lots of in depth information about the trees. I don't know.

Although, that being said, I appreciated the area and whoever is upkeeping it. We have visited a couple parks & gardens claiming to show how a real forest looks or how its ecology works. They are phoneys with lots of landscaping done to spruce it up. I live in a forested area. It's not spruced up & tidy. Magness Memorial Tree Farm really has a natural feel to it with varying heights of trees, shrubs & ground plants. You really are in a Pacific Northwest forest, but with the added convenience of trails.

Much of the forest are Douglas-fir trees, but the tree in the middle of this photo is a Pacific Madrone.

On the day we were walking through the forest, we spotted many of these millipedes crawling on the trail.

Oak Tree

Along the trail were signs explaining a variety of things about the forest.

A lovely creek for the kids to explore.

Western Red Cedar.
These probably are my favorite tree, especially the ones that are a few hundred years old.

Herb Robert Geranium
We have these around our house, too. It's a cute plant with nice foliage & a pretty flower. However, it is highly invasive.

The kids loved climbing on these oddly shaped trees.

These log cabins are available to rent.

To learn more about the Tree Farm check out this video. After watching the video I'd like to go back and get a tour from Bill, the man in charge.

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