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31 Days in Oregon: Fort Stevens

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{DAY 13} 
Northern Beaches

I'm moving in my journey through Oregon to some fun places to visit on the beaches of Oregon's northern coast. At the tippy top of Oregon lays Fort Stevens.

It once was a military fort meant to guard Oregon's coast at the mouth of the Columbia River. It is now a State Park with camping, lots of bike trails & history. It is also part of the Lewis & Clark National Historical Park and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

 The Beach
A great place to build sand castles.

Seagulls to see, of course.

Living in Oregon, we often have gray skies at our beaches. But, that doesn't stop us from having a good time.

Peter Iredale wreck
The Peter Iredale went aground in October of 1906 & has been sitting here ever since.

The Campground
The campground is in a lovely forested area. There are tent sites, full hook up sites, yurts & cabins available. It is a State Park so making reservations early is a must during peak season.

There are raccoons at the campground, but they have never been a problem.

Collection of found items

Fort Stevens has a junior ranger program & various activities for all ages. During one visit, Mr. T went to a planned activity and made art using colors straight from nature.

We've seen a bunch of old military vehicles parade through the campground loops.

We've also seen an illuminated bicycle parade make their way through the campground at dark.

The Clatsop Longhouse
Being located at the mouth of the Columbia, this area was a major trading village during the summer & fall months. The Clatsop tribe lived here in longhouses.

Historic Military Site
The fort was built during the Civil War and was active from 1863-1947.
During WWII, a Japanese submarine fired 17 shells at the fort.
Battery Pratt

Mouth of the Columbia River

Fort Clatsop
Less than 10 minutes away from Fort Stevens is Fort Clatsop, where Lewis & Clark stayed the winter of 1805/06.

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