Monday, September 29, 2014

Trip to Seattle

Right after we finished the school year last spring, Capt. N & I took a short trip to Seattle simply because I wanted to. We had so much fun. I enjoy my children, a lot. And, I'm most comfortable when we're all under one roof. But, it sure was nice having one on one time with my oldest.

The deal was I would go pretty much anywhere he wanted to go, as long as he didn't complain about the places I wanted to go. We each chose a couple places to visit.

We didn't get an early start to our trip since I was still trying to decide for sure if we should go even up until the morning we left. And, I decided I should get the oil changed in my car before we left town. So, we did that, grabbed lunch & finally were on our way. A few hours later we safely arrived at the hotel for a great start to our trip.

:: DAY 1 ::
The first stop after checking into the hotel was the Woodland Park Zoo. We hadn't been there in years. It was as great as I remembered.

Woodland Park Rose Garden
While visiting the zoo our car was parked in the same parking lot as the Rose Garden, so we took a quick stroll through it.

Drive to the Hotel
Seattle has a very nice skyline. I asked Capt. N to take a pic for me since I was driving. This is what I got. You can just barely make out the Space Needle below the head rest.

:: DAY 2 ::
Seattle Aquarium
First stop on today's agenda was the place Capt. N most wanted to visit.

I loved the artwork...

... and the animals.

The Pike Street Hillclimb
From the aquarium we walked towards Pike Place Market via the Pike Street Hillclimb. I'll admit, with all those stairs, it's not the most easy walkin' I've ever done.

Before heading to The Market, I thought I'd show something to Capt. N that he would think is super cool - The Gum Wall. Except he didn't think it was all that cool.

Capt. N was more impressed with the bikes upstairs on the way to The Market than he was with the gum.

Pike Place Market opened in 1907 & it's still super cool. We didn't have a lot of time, so we just explored the top level. The whole building, though, has great atmosphere. The building is old & even a bit spooky, the vendors come in all flavors & the street musicians are fabulous.

Of course, there are the fish markets. This is the one that throws the fish. Highly entertaining!

There are many produce vendors, too.

Fun addition added to the colorful carrots.

I even noticed a pasta vendor.

Before heading to a different part of Seattle, we ate lunch at Pier 58 right on the waterfront. Capt. N chose a burger & fries.

Pacific Science Center
 Next we headed to the Seattle Center to finish off our day of fun.

For months Capt. N has been wanting to see the Imax movie Islands of Lemurs. Lucky for him it was playing at the Pacific Science Center, so we watched it.

We only spent a few minutes admiring the gigantic solar powered, humming flowers but they were awesome.

This was the place I really wanted to visit on our trip. It was great!

Located right in the Seattle Center, not far from the Chihuly Garden is where we ate dinner at Mod Pizza. It was delish, just the way pizza should be.

Before heading back to the hotel we thought we'd search for a geocache. The app said there was one at this pole, but we never found it. Darn.

:: DAY 3 ::
Our final day of fun was in Tacoma & needed to be done quickly because I had to get back home to take Mr. T to a rehearsal for his violin recital the next day. But, we did manage to squeeze in one last bit o' fun.

Artwork I enjoyed. Capt. N thought it was ok.

 More fabulous Chihuly art

An unexpected treat. I wanted to go here & knew I would enjoy it. Surprisingly, Capt. N had a blast here, too.

It was a great trip with a great kid! We even had fun at the hotel. We went swimming and watched hours of Animal Planet. I hope it's as memorable for him as it will be for me. I feel blessed, truly blessed.

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