Friday, September 5, 2014

Seattle's Gum Wall


 Located between the Post Alley sign...

 ... and this urban art near Pike Place Market...

 ... is Seattle's Gum Wall.

 Yep, Gum. Lots of it.

Why I wanted to see The Gum Wall:
#1: I love touristy places, even - maybe especially - the odd ones.
#2: I totally thought taking my 11 year old son to some place so gross would win me cool mom points... it didn't. He wasn't impressed. He just couldn't understand why people would want to stick their chewed gum to a wall. And, more so, why did I want to see it. And, why was I taking pictures of strangers saliva. If my very chill, doesn't-worry-about-much kid didn't get it, I can't even imagine what my germaphobe son would have thought.

Well, no matter what the 11 year old thinks, I thought it was awesome. I only wish I would have remembered to pick up a pack of gum before heading there. Oh well. Next time. There will definitely be a next time.

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