Friday, September 26, 2014

Museum of Glass

On our trip to Seattle, Capt. N & I both picked a couple places to visit. One of the places I chose was the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. It did not disappoint.

The museum isn't huge, which was a bonus for two reasons. We didn't have more than a couple hours available to spend there & we easily saw the entire museum. Also, the small size made it reasonably priced to visit. Oh, and one more bonus. Since there wasn't a kazillion pieces for me to oogle over, Capt. N didn't get bored. He actually loved this museum, mostly due to the Hot Shop & one colorful exhibit.

Foreground: Fluent Steps artwork at MOG
The Museum of Glass is located right along the Thea Foss Waterway in Commencement Bay, which explains the boats in the background.

MOG"s Fluent Steps, 21st Street Bridge & Tacoma Dome
The artwork, bridge & arena, along with the metal cone sticking out of the MOG building transformed my world, at least for the moment, to the future. I prefer my typical view of fir trees & deer, but I certainly appreciate the modern age & things to come.

Before we entered the MOG, I thought the metal cone was just decoration to go along with the futuristic feel of the surroundings. Silly me.

The cone actually houses the Hot Shop studio where a team of artists create glass pieces. Awesome! And, we got to watch.

Looking up the cone.

Hot Shop artist doin' what he does.

There was a guy talking through the process as the artists were putting it together. I didn't totally understand everything, but it was fun to watch. Capt. N enjoyed watching, too.

Outside the Hot Shop, in what I would call the lobby.

It seems as though the MOG primarily has temporary exhibitions featuring various artists. Each artist had there own section and was quite different from his/her neighbor.

Black & Clear

Skinny strands of glass

Irish Cylinders by Dale Chihuly and Seaver Leslie with glass drawings by Flora C. Mace

The cylinders are some of Chihuly's earliest pieces.

From the CAUTION! Fragile. Irish Glass: Tradition in Transitio exhibit

Also from the CAUTION! Fragile. Irish Glass: Tradition in Transitio exhibit

Neon Green One Eyed Cyclops Pickle,
part of the Kids Design Glass Collection.
A kid draws a picture of what they would like their glass piece to look like, then the Hot Shop team creates it. How fun!

Looking out the window toward Chihuly's Bridge of Glass.

I Come in Peace
from the Glassorama: Environments for Kids Design Glass design competition. I love this idea.
To further young people's involvement, high school kids were asked to create an environment for a glass piece created from the Kids Design Glass Collection.

 And last, but not least my favorite exhibit. Look! See?

Look! See? using Transient Light Graffiti by Jen Elek & Jeremy Bert
This exhibit was interactive & Capt. N absolutely loved it. He posed for the very modern version of a photo booth & he spent a ton of time creating his own artwork with the large light up letters. I had fun watching him enjoy himself so much & I had fun creating with the letters myself.

The letters looked cool just hanging randomly on the wall.

Then, we moved them around to spell words & phrases. We were at the museum at an off time, so we had little competition for the letters we needed.

This is when you know your admiration for the feathered variety of friends has gone too far. The first thing that came to my mind to spell, outside of my children's names, was #chickens. I couldn't come up with anything better, so that's what I spelled. And, I like it.

I'm so glad we toured this museum when the Look! See? exhibit was there. Capt. N does ok looking at art or history pieces. But, he gets bored quickly & much prefers hands-on type exhibits. He loved it here because he got to pick up & move around the letters. He also liked watching the cool looking guys & gals play with fire.

I loved it, too. I especially liked seeing the variety of ways artists choose to use glass as their medium.

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