Monday, September 22, 2014

Butterfly Painting

Over the summer, the kids created fun butterfly paintings. I gave them the same step by step instructions, yet all 3 of their paintings are original. I absolutely love that!

Supplies Used:
• Canvas
• Paint - red, yellow, green, blue, white, black
• Paintbrushes, sponge
• Pipe cleaner
• Sequins & Glitter Paint
• Misc pieces of cardboard
• Glue Gun

 Step 1: Paint Background Blue
Capt. N chose to use a sponge, the other two used brushes.

Step 2: Add details to sky
Mr. T went with an abstract look

Princess K chose to paint the more typical clouds & sun.

To make the rays of the sun, Princess K dipped the edge of a cardboard piece in a mix of yellow, orange & red paint then pressed the edge on her painting.

 Step 3: Creating Grass
The kids made the grass using the same method Princess K painted her sun's rays. I like mixing a variety of colors together. The base color was green right from the bottle. But, we also mixed in varying amounts of yellow, blue, red & white.

Princess K glued flower sequins in her grass. Mr. T & Capt. N painted flowers.

Step 4: Painting the Butterfly
I cut butterfly shapes from cardboard and the kids painted them.

The kids formed the body & antennae from a pipe cleaner. I used a glue gun to attach the pipe cleaner to the butterfly, then to attach the butterfly to the painted canvas.

Finished Masterpieces

I love that this project was simple, yet had great results.

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