Friday, August 22, 2014

Woodland Park Zoo

Earlier this summer, Capt. N & I spent a couple days in Seattle. A must see while we were there was the Woodland Park Zoo. We haven't gone since Capt. N was a toddler. The zoo is as fabulous as I remember.

:: African Village & Savannah ::
This is probably my favorite section of the zoo. The closest I've come to Africa is this little village. It's great.

Fringe-eared Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe & Plains Zebra
I can almost imagine we're actually in Africa.


In one of the huts we made paper from elephant poo. The paper pulp was shredded pieces of old zoo maps mixed with water. Then, they cleaned the elephant poop to get the yucky stuff out. What's left is the straw they ate, which was then added to the paper pulp. I'm not totally convinced the straw actually came from the poop. It looked awfully similar to the straw I lay in our chicken nest boxes, which hasn't gone through an elephants digestive system. But, who knows maybe elephants don't digest their food well. Either way, it was fun to make the paper.

Several skulls, including this one of a giraffe, were in the Nyika Primary School building.

 :: Atmosphere ::
Walking through the zoo is so beautiful & peaceful. It's very lush & green. It's very Pacific NW.

:: Birds ::

Southern Masked Weaver with a grub

Black-billed Magpie

Snowy Owl

Steller's Sea Eagle
I was most intrigued by this bird. I had no idea they even existed. They are similar to a Bald Eagle, but are slightly larger and live in NE Asia.

Chilean Flamingos in a tiff

Humboldt Penguin

This raptor escaped from the bird show. We watched for awhile to see if they could get it out of the tree. They never did while we were there.

:: Mammals ::
Patas Monkey, the fastest primate in the world

Orangutans, a hybrid cross between the Borneo Orangutans & the Sumatran Orangutans

Western Lowland Gorilla

Capt. N & I got a kick out of watching her. She played with her tongue for a long time. When she wasn't messing with her tongue, she was watching us.

Being king of the jungle is hard work

Lowland Anoa
They are an endangered animal living on small islands east of Borneo.

Brown Bear

Arctic Fox

Gray Wolf

This post could go on forever showcasing all the animals we enjoyed. A few that stand out that didn't make the post are the Tapir, Laughing Kookaburra, Komodo Dragon & a Southern Pudu, the world's smallest deer. This zoo has a spectacular variety of animals. If we were closer, we'd visit often.


  1. Wonderful photos!! I enjoy all the pinterest crafts and excursions you take for homeschooling! very impressive. :)

    PS-I promise you, the poo paper is made of 100% real elephant dung! Trust me, I know- I've been running this activity for 4 years! ;) Thanks for visiting the zoo!

    1. Ha! Good to know about the poo paper. :)


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