Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weight Loss Results Week 33

Another 3 weeks have flown by & it's time to check in on my weight loss progress.

 • FOOD •
As always, I struggled with this area. It's summer, which means there are lots of fresh fruits & veggies available. But, it also means we're out & about. And, my food choices when we're out & about are not great.

I would like to say that all the leafy green goodness growing in our garden have been primarily what I've been eating. However, that is just not true. I've been enjoying our garden bounty, but certainly not enough to boast about how well I've been eating.

I've done good on my daily exercise, but not great. I've ran on my elliptical a number of times. I participated in a 5k for the last 3 weekends. I also got 10,000 steps in everyday. But, I haven't been training for a 10k I'm doing in a few weeks like I should be. I also have continued putting off adding weights to my workouts.

I did one 5k with 2 friends in the woods that included 3 horrific hills. They aren't kidding when they called them Hills of Death. The next 5k was in town on fairly flat ground, which I did with 2 other friends & a gaggle of children. And, the 3rd event I did with 2 of my kids and everyone earned a participation ribbon. None of the 5k's were great as far as clock time, but I had a great time at all 3 events.

Yesterday was day 62 of achieving 10,000 steps each day for 100 days.

I certainly can't complain. Overall I'm down 1.2 pounds from 3 weeks ago. Woo hoo! I had dropped a couple pounds and was super close to getting out of the 180's. I thought for sure this check in I would have made it to the 170's. Then, unfortunately, my grandpa wound up in the hospital. For a day and a half my sister, mom and a few other family members stayed by his side until he passed. I still got my 10,000 steps in, though, by walking around the hospital. I even managed to get the steps in on the day of his memorial service. But, for about a week my days and emotions were thrown out of whack. And, I really just didn't care about what I was eating. I still don't care that I didn't care what I was eating. I gained a pound or two back over that week. Things are starting to return to normal, so I will try to work on my eating habits.

Weight Loss
Week 1: Starting Weight
Week 3: -5.2
Week 6: -3.4
Week 9:  -0.4
Week 12: -2.0
Week 15: -4.8
Week 18: -0.6
Week 21: -0.8
Week 24: +0.4
Week 27: -1.8
Week 30: -0.2
Week 33: -1.2
Total: -20 pounds

All the goods & bads of the last three weeks have resulted in a loss of 1.2 pounds. For the last couple weeks, the majority of my days have been at least at 20 pounds lost since January 1st. So I'm finally adding the badge to my page! Yay! Yippey! Woo Hoo! I have more to lose, but I'm so exited to be making progress, even if it's slow progress. 20 Pounds Lost - amazing!!!

I'm Down w/the Sisterhood

I'm not a nutrition or fitness expert, but I would guess my small amount of weight loss is due to a 3 small changes.
#1: A 200 calorie or so Atkins or Zone Perfect bar for breakfast pretty much every day. I used to eat whatever leftovers were in the fridge or some other crap which I bet had 300 or 400 calories or even more.
#2: I vowed to quit drinking soda. Which I totally failed at. BUT, I have cut back a ton. I drink Advocare Spark instead. It has 45 calories as opposed to 150.
#3: Staying active. And, not crazy active. Just a little more active than I was. I try to run on my elliptical for at least 45 minutes, 3 times a week. I run outside when I can, which is not often. But, occasionally is better than never. I do yard work. I go for walks with the kids. And, lately I've been making sure to get in 10,000 steps - no excuses. I don't go to bed until I get them in, even if it means walking around my house or stepping in place while watching tv.

I'm aware that bigger, better changes would have better results. But, these three small things are things I can commit to.

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