Friday, August 29, 2014

Seattle Aquarium

While in Seattle, Capt. N & I both chose a couple things to see & do. Number 1 on Capt. N's list was the Seattle Aquarium.

The aquarium sits at Pier 59 right on Puget Sound. I've walked by it a handful of times, but have never gone in. So, this was a first for both of us.

Exhibits of creatures we could see in a Puget Sound tide pool.

Moon Jelly ring
Capt. N is watching them float by beneath the floor.

I have a couple favorite animals I love to see when visiting an aquarium. The Giant Pacific Octopus is one of them.

Sixgill Shark research area
Sixgill's live right outside in the waters of Puget Sound.

Jaw bone of a Shark. Rows & rows of pointy teeth

Fish of the Pacific coral reef

Cuttlefish hatchling. It was tiny.

Lined Seahourse
My other favorite thing to see at aquariums are seahorses.

There also was a shore bird exhibit.

Young Chinook Salmon, called fry

Sea Otter munchin' on a clam

Underwater Dome
A full size view into Puget Sound

Dogfish, relative of the Sixgill Shark

Spotted Ratfish
I used to scuba dive in Puget Sound. One of my favorite creatures to spot was a Ratfish swimming along the seafloor. They are a relative of the shark.

Harbor Seal peeking out of the water.

Outside at the aquarium, looking at Elliot Bay. It was a cloudy, drizzly morning, but it cleared off to be a perfect day to wonder around Seattle.

Northern Fur Seal
Check out that fur around its neck and long whiskers. I had never seen one of these before visiting this aquarium.

Of course, the animals were fun to see. But, there was also great artwork on display. I gawked over it as much as the seahorses & fur seal.

Tube Snout by Dr. Adam P. Summers
These photographs were so vivid. Absolutely awesome!
To read more about this & other scientific photographs click here.

Dale Chihuly
Puget Sound Forms, 1987
I'm always in awe when I see Chihuly's work. It was a nice surprise to see these pieces at the aquarium.

These colorful pieces were made by elementary school kids. Loved them!!

Yep, it was worth the visit. Good choice, Capt. N.

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