Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blog Makeover

Since I've decided to try public school as a way to educate my kids, yet I want to continue blogging here, I'm giving my blog a little makeover.

The main change is the title of the blog. Instead of Homeschool in the Hills, it is now Ridgetop Ramblings 2. I have a farm & garden blog named Ridgetop Ramblings, so this will be an extension of our life on the ridgetop. The url is still homeschool in the hills, though.

I also changed the look of the blog. Why I went with a diva-esque look, I really don't know. That's just where my creative mind was the day I designed it. I do love sparkles. But, my everyday life is absolutely sparkle-free. I'm typically wearing old jeans, a ragged tshirt, a bra only if I'm going to town & dirty sneakers or muck boots, both of which probably have more chicken poop on them than I'd like to admit. And, let me tell ya, nothin' in my house sparkles. Five minutes after I clean, there's a layer of dust & dirt that tracked its way back in the house. This blog now gets to be my daily dose of sparkle.

Over time, I'm also going to be changing & adding new tabs at the top.

I'll admit, I hope I'm not jumping the gun in changing the blog. I haven't actually sent my kids to public school yet. There is a chance I will change my mind...

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