Thursday, June 26, 2014

Literature Pockets

As part of our curriculum this year, we worked with Evan-Moor's Literature Pockets. I can make the History Pockets work for all my children and their varying academic levels. So, we work on those as a group. But, that seemed more difficult with the Literature Pockets. So, they each had their own Evan-Moor book.

Folktales & Fairy Tales, Grades K-1
for Princess K

To make these books & pockets I used 12" x 18" construction paper. The cover I cut to 12" x 12". The pocket pages were created by folding up the bottom 6" of the 18" side of the paper and stapling the sides. Then all the pages, including the cover, were hole punched and held together with yarn.

Each story had its own pocket. The pocket was used to hold all the goodies that came with the story. There was a book of the story, a character sheet,  a couple age appropriate language activities & a craft. Some of the activities Princess K did was trace words, sequence a story & answer comprehension questions.

Gingerbread Man craft
Funny story... Princess K just came over to me & saw this photo. She said, "Uck, did I make that?" Yep, she did - at the beginning of the school year. She responded with, "I didn't do a very good job." I find it interesting that she thought that. Let's be honest, she's right. It's not great. Even when she was doing it I knew she could do better, but I didn't say anything. She's one of those kids that when she feels like taking her time, she does, & she does a nice job. But, most often she likes to hurry through and has results like this. Maybe she's getting to where she cares more about the work she's creating. This is one of those fun times I get to watch the changes in one of my kids.

Goldilocks & the Three Bears craft

Folktales & Fairy Tales, Grades 2-3
for Mr. T

Mr. T's book was made in the same way as Princess K's.

His work was similar to Princess K's in that each pocket had the story, a character sheet, a couple language activities & a craft. His language activities included writing activities & learning about adjectives, verbs & dialogue.

Henny Penny craft

Caldecott Winners, Grades 4-6
for Capt. N

Capt. N's book was a little different. Instead of fairy tales, he learned about Caldecott Winners. I loved this. We got to check out some great picture books from the library & learn about award winning illustrators.

Capt. N's book was made in the same way as the other two. But, his pockets did not contain the story itself since we were reading hard bound books. His did have a biography of each of the illustrators. Often the illustrator was the same as the author, but not always.

Capt. N's language activities included many writing assignments, a venn diagram & a simile assignment.

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses craft

Mirette on the High Wire craft

I would say I picked the right book for each of my kids. The grade level listed on the Evan-Moor books seemed to be right on with the academic levels of my kids.

Although, looking back, I probably could have skipped Mr. T's book & let him do the same one as Capt. N. I think he really would have enjoyed the stories we read & the more challenging crafts.

All three books were a hit with my kids. They were a fun way to add Language Arts to our day.

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