Monday, June 23, 2014

Crafts Inspired by Mexico

Throughout this school year we've been celebrating Mexican holidays & doing crafts to go along with them. Recently we celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

I was really hoping we'd be able to finish off our year with a trip to Mexico. I'd love to see Chichen Itza & other Mayan ruins. But, that didn't happen. Bummer.

But, we did create some fun crafts.

:: Sombrero ::
I saw a photo on Flickr and loved the craft. So, we put together our own version.

I created a hat template out of index paper. Then, the kids traced the template onto old file folders & cut them out.

I got out a pile of crafting goodies for the kids use as they wanted.

Capt. N decided to use the shavings of a colored pencil for decoration.

They stuck pretty well with clear Elmer's glue.

Then they cut out an oval & drew on a nose & mouth. I love that the eyes are covered.

3 Sombreros

:: Papel Picado ::
I checked this book out from the library to look at for our papel picado craft.

We used tissue paper and scissors to create designs from the book.

A few designs didn't turn out well, but most did.

We strung them all together on string & hung them in our house.

:: Double Headed Serpent Mosaic ::
Years ago we went on a cruise through the Mexican Riviera. On the ship was a version of the Double Headed Serpent. So when I saw the mosaic craft at That Artist Woman, I knew it was one we were going to do.

Capt. N & The Double Headed Serpent on our 2007 Royal Caribbean cruise.

I cut the serpent shapes out of stiff cardboard. The kids used tempera paint to look like grout on their mosaic.

They used watered down clear Elmer's glue to adhere the colored egg shells.

I must admit the other thing that drew me to this craft was that it required egg shells. I'm always on the lookout for ways to use eggs. I had recently colored eggs to place in the background of a few photos of our new chicks. This was a perfect way to use up those shells.

Princess K & Capt. N chose to use buttons as their eyes. Mr. T cut out circles from index paper.
The mouth & teeth were cut from white index paper.

Fun Crafts = Fun Times
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