Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Color Me Rad 5K

Over the weekend my sister, a couple friends, niece, & daughter took part in the Color Me Rad 5K. We walked the 3.1 miles beginning at the event center, on to the road, through 4 color stations & back to the event center.

This is a fun run, so it's not timed. We just walked & had a good time.

Last October I did the Color Vibe & this 5K was very similar. The Color Vibe seemed to have more people & was louder, but the focus of the event - which is color - was pretty much the same.

The announcer spraying color before the race began.

This was the first time I had seen color blasters. My friend bought a few of them. They were very cool. They look like fire extinguishers, except spray the corn starch color. They can only be purchased when or after you sign up for a run.

Rad tattoo that came with our race packet. We also got a tshirt, sunglasses, rad sticker & 1 color bomb.

The start, all crisp & white.

Color stations along the route have volunteers throwing color at you as you go by.

My niece & Princess K are both 6, so they did the race for free. Score!

Another color station coming up.

Near the finish line volunteers gave each of us a color bomb to throw at the after party.

Us colorful "adults" at the end of the race. It's nice to be silly once in a while.

The announcer shooting color bombs at the crowd hanging out at the after party.

Party full of people throwing color at the same time. I love this part, although it does get quite dusty as all that colored corn starch fills the air.

More color tossin'

This event was low key & fun. There was no pressure to race hard. I simply enjoyed a walk with my daughter, conversation with friends & lots of color.

Although it appears to be quite a crazy time, it really wasn't overly crowded or too loud. It was very family friendly.

If you are looking for a PR, this probably isn't the best race option. But, if you're looking to get off the couch & do something fun with family & friends this 5K is perfect.

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