Saturday, June 28, 2014

4th Quarter Wrap Up

We did things a little differently this quarter.

I have decided to send my kids to public school next year. So, I wanted to spend our last quarter as a homeschooling family in the way I wish our homeschooling could have always been. My homeschooling dream would be spent learning through hands on activities, unit studies, lots of crafts & lots of field trips.

Unfortunately, I just haven't figured out how to make that work as our normal. By the time I get through doing reading, writing & arithmetic with 3 different learning levels, there just isn't much time left in the day for fun activities.

At some point during the third quarter I had decided they would most likely be going to public school next year, so I pushed them harder to finish their curriculum early so we could spend as much of our last 2 homeschooling months doing fun stuff.

• Finishing Up Curriculum
It is such a fabulous feeling of accomplishment when we finish curriculum. The kids finished up their All About Spelling, Saxon Math, Geography, Literature Pockets, & various Language Arts assignments.


• Learning About Other Cultures
We spent a couple weeks learning about Japan this quarter.
Throughout the year we had been learning about Native Americans, & we spent a few weeks at the end of the year finishing up our unit.
Also, off & on throughout the year, we learned about holidays & the culture of Mexico. We finished up by celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

• Celebrating Holidays
We didn't spend a lot of time celebrating holidays this quarter, but we enjoyed the little bit that we did celebrate.

Mr. T created this leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day
Dying eggs for Easter
Capt. N helped me make pink rice krispie treats for Easter.

• Crafts
Most of the crafts we did this term were related to Japan, Mexico or the Native Americans. But, Mr. T always finds time to come up with his own crafts.
Night time silhouette by Mr. T.

Mr. T made this large paper version of me.

• Out & About
My goal was to go on a field trip at least once a week this last quarter. We completed that goal & sometimes even went somewhere twice in one week.

We started letterboxing.
We went on a number of outings, including to the library when a rock museum brought many hands on activities. The photo on the left is showing the varying velocities of different types of lava. The top right is a puzzle of Pangaea. And, the bottom right is testing the hardness of various rocks.

• Springtime at Home
I didn't teach a formal science unit this term. But, we got to experience lots of sciency things on our outings & everyday life.

We've been hatching lots of chicks.

We got 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are small & cute & fun. And, I love watching my children play with them.

Mr. T & Princess K have been helping plant the garden & Capt. N has been helping set up the aquaponics system.

On one of the first warm days the kids got out the hose, which ended up created small mud pit. Apparently, they couldn't resist the fun of mud.

Well, that's a wrap.

My final homeschooling wrap up completed. There are a lot of emotions flowing through this mind of mine right now. But, I'm choosing to focus on the positives about sending them off to school. This really is a new chapter in our lives. Hopefully, it ends with ...and they lived happily ever after.


  1. I cannot imagine sending my child back to public school, the reasons I pulled my daughter out of public school have not changed, and so I can't see putting her back there. I don't judge you for chosing public school, each family has their own needs and challenges to face. If putting your children in public school will help your family then I wish you the very best of luck. Enjoy the time before school starts, make great memories!
    Time4Learning Mom for 7 years and counting!

    1. It has been difficult making the decision. But for us, at least right now, I feel like it's the right one. There are so many things that make me nervous about sending them back. But, I'm hoping the good that will come from it will outweigh the bad.


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