Thursday, May 22, 2014

Japanese Art at the Portland Art Museum

One afternoon the kids & I toured the Portland Art Museum. The museum had quite a bit of Asian Art on display, but primarily from China. We were studying Japan, though, and found only a few pieces from that part of the world.

Kannon Bosatsu welcoming the faithful to paradise
unknown artist. Late 12th/13th Century. Wood with gesso, lacquer, and gold

Eight Views of Ōmi: Evening Bell at Mii Temple, Boats Returning to Yabase, and Geese Descending at Katata
Shiokawa Bunrin. 1867. Hanging Scrolls; ink and color on silk

Imari Ware Apothecary Jar with bird and flower design
Arita kilns, Saga prefecture. 1670's. Porcelain with underglaze blue painting.

Vase with Thistle Design
Kondo Yuzo. ca 1965.  Porcelain with underglaze blue painting.

Imari Ware Plate with Dragon Design
Edo Period, 19th Century. Porcelain with underglaze blue painting.

Flow #1
Fujikasa Satoko. 2011. Stoneware with matte white glaze

I'm not big into modern or abstract art, but I absolutely loved this.

The day we went to the museum was a great day to see a variety of Asian art, just not a great day to see artwork specifically from Japan. I was really hoping to see examples of woodblock printing, but we didn't. No complaints, though, it was a fabulous trip.

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