Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Snow Fun Crafts

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. It can snow all it wants as long as I can stay home & the power stays on. I enjoy it a lot on those days. But, I feel like packin' up & movin' to town when the power's out for days or I slide into the ditch on my way up our hill to get home.

The snow itself can be good or bad, but the snow themed crafts are always awesome. I love them. This year we made some crafts together like our Catching Snowflakes from oil pastels, but the kids also completed individual crafts.

Every year we make snowflakes. This year we stuck with the basic paper snowflake.

Most of the snowflakes were hung to create a background for our photo booth.

Mr. T used one of his snowflakes to craft this snowman. Idea from Lil' Country Kindergarten

My grandpa lives in an assisted living home. Occasionally the kids make him things to decorate his room. Princess K made him this penguin art. Idea from Deep Space Sparkle.

Capt. N made this silhouette picture & gave it to my grandpa. Idea from Apex Elementary Art.

Princess K cut out & pieced together Olaf. Printable from Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring.

A Family of Snowmen painted by Mr. T. Idea from Artsonia.

Mr. T also built a real snowman family.

Mr. T wrote a fun story about it snowing for 8 days straight. Papers from a Scholastic Monthly Idea Book.

As part of the Caldecott Medal Literature Pockets from Evan-Moor, Capt. N & I read Snowflake Bentley. It was an interesting story about a man who at at a very young age was intrigued with the individuality of snowflakes.

To go along with Snowflake Bentley Capt. N wrote Snowflake Similes.
Snow is as Sparkly as Glitter
Snow is as White as an Egg Shell

I tried taking macro shots of snowflakes like Wilson Bentley.

It was not easy. I do not have a macro lens for my camera & most of the flakes crumbled before or when they hit the black paper.

Although I never did get the perfect photo I was searching for, it was fun focusing on each snowflake.

I'm assuming we're done with winter for this year. At least done with any measurable amounts of snow. So until next year, I think we're done with the snow crafts.

I hope spring has arrived for you, as well.

To check out more of our snow themed activities click here.

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