Monday, April 14, 2014

Seaside Aquarium

Back in January, Princess K & I had a girl's day & went to the beach. We went to Seaside, which is a beach we don't often go to. It's very touristy with an arcade, a carousel, bumper cars & tons of little shops. There is also a small aquarium - the Seaside Aquarium.

The aquarium is right on the promenade & I remember going here as a kid.

The highlight is feeding fish to the seals & sea lions. Many visitors must have come through before us because the seals didn't seem very hungry.

The aquarium is basically 3 rooms - the seal area, the room with the rest of the underwater animals & the gift shop.

Most of the animals are found locally, but I'm not thinking this lobster is one of those.

The aquarium isn't very big, but it does have two of my favorite Pacific NW water creatures, the Wolf Eel...

and the Giant Pacific Octopus.

Well, that's pretty much it for the aquarium. It doesn't take long to explore.

We also rode the carousel, went to a candy shop & had an old time photo taken.

One of the fun things about Seaside is the swings on the beach.

The Turnaround, with a statue of Lewis & Clark.

Anybody else remember these as a kid?
Princess K & I ate lunch at a pizza place that had one. I even gave her a quarter to get an egg just to see it spin & hear it squawk.

I love going on outings with my kids. But, these one on one days are especially special.

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