Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big Cats at the Zoo

We have had a membership at the Oregon Zoo for 10 years & it is still one of our favorite places to visit.

We typically don't go through the whole zoo on one visit. We'd be there forever if we did. We are slow movers through the zoo. We watch animal behaviors, we read information signs, we ask the volunteers & zoo keepers questions, we have fun learning. Each trip is different. One day the polar bears may not be out, the next time they're playing with a ball & swimming in the pool. One day in January all the big cats were active.

Amur Leopards
In the wild they live in Russia & China
Kia, the female leopard. 18 years old

The male leopard, Boris. 14 years old

Teeth of a carnivore

Often we see one leopard in the exhibit at a time. This day, though, both were out & rather feisty. So feisty, in fact, that Boris decided to do what animals do right when I was taking a pic of the kids. It was such a great photo op with both leopards in the background. Then things turned rated R. So, we waited for him to finish before taking a new photo. I read that they breed in January & February. He was right on time.

Princess K asked what he was doing. I told her that he was doing the same thing our roosters do to our hens when we want fertile eggs.

Native to North & South America, including in our area

Amur Tiger
In the wild they are mostly in Russia, with a few in China
The two tigers at our zoo, Mikhail & Nicole. Most often we see them napping in the back of the exhibit.

Nicole, the female tiger. Unfortunately, this was the last time we got to see her. She died recently at the age of 15.

from Africa

also from Africa
So regal

Neka, a lioness, recently gave birth to 3 cubs, Kamali, Zalika and Angalia. This was the first time we saw them out playing.


One more lovely visit to the zoo.


  1. That is what I always have wanted to take my time and fully learn about each category of animals. A real nature study. Sadly, we live so far from a zoo, that we have to do the whole thing is a quick, exhausting blitz. This is a great post, Jennifer.

    1. We live an odd distance from everything. We are 20 minutes from the nearest town/gas station & 30 minutes to the nearest grocery store, which makes our everyday driving a hassle. Yet, we are within an hour from most every place we'd ever need/want to go. So, all the things the big city offers we can take advantage of. The zoo and various gardens and parks are our favorite field trips.


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