Saturday, March 29, 2014

Catching Snowflakes Oil Pastel

During the snow days we made wintery crafts. One of them being this Catching Snowflakes Art from oil pastels.  I saw 2 similar ideas on pinterest & combined the two to create our own Catching Snowflakes Art. One was from Runde's Room, the other Artsonia.

This was a simple, yet fun project. Our only supplies were construction paper, oil pastels, a pencil, scissors & a small piece of tape.

I made two templates for the kids to trace. They are the pink cutouts at the bottom of this photo. The one on the right is the face template & the one on the left is the shirt.

After tracing the templates, they drew a large, open mouth.

Coloring the mouth.

They drew & colored a scarf on their person.

The final step was adding the tongue catching a snowflake.
They cut a tongue out of pink construction paper & a tiny snowflake from white paper. We cut a slit in the mouth, placed the tongue through the slit & taped it on the back. Then they glued their snowflake on the tongue.

3 Kids Catching Snowflakes

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