Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

I pinned many awesome Valentine crafts with the idea that we would do one or more of them on Valentine's Day. We ended up not doing any. I couldn't pull myself together to get the project supplies ready.

Instead, that morning I had the kids pick out which online Valentine's they wanted to give to the rest of the family & printed them. Mr. T, though, was well prepared & already had made gifts for each of us.

Lunch included a heart shaped grilled cheese sandwich.

We didn't even make Valentine boxes or bags for our goodies. I quickly cut out their first initial to identify their pile. I'm tellin' ya - I just wasn't with it this year.

Mr. T's Valentine pile
The Minion was from Dad
The Fox Says Valentine was from Me
Capt. N chose to hand out Lego Valentines &
The Olaf cut out was from Princess K.
I also gave them a box of candy hearts, a pencil, a pen & erasers leftover from last year.

Mr. T made cute pictures for us. He did these all on his own. I had absolutely no say in these projects. I love them so much!

The one he made for his sister.

Princess K painted a heart rock she had & gave it as a gift.

Mr. T also made me a vase out of clay. I feel like the luckiest mom ever.

We had a heartbreaker pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner.

For dessert, cookie dough milk shakes.

I'll leave ya with another chick themed Valentine photo. These cuties are from our first hatch this year.

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