Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weight Loss Results - Week 3


At the beginning of January, I set some goals to get healthier. My main goal is to get out of the obese category. I will never be a skinny-minny & I'm ok with that. But, being obese is not the best me I can be.

For the last 3 weeks, the food & exercise part of my days have typically looked like this:
Atkins shake for breakfast.
It's 160 calories. Whenever I make breakfast with real food it always ends up being more calories than this shake. So, I'm sticking with the shake for now. It tastes good, is low in carbs & sugar & usually keeps me satisfied until lunch. Occasionally, I will have a small snack before lunch.

Salad for lunch
Typically, my salad consists of lettuce, cheese, shredded carrots, olives, a protein such as kidney beans or canadian bacon & whatever other veggies I cut up that day. I add slightly more than one tablespoon of Bernstein's Light Cheese Fantastico Dressing for a little pizazz. Because of the cheese & protein my salads are usually between 250 - 300 calories.

We do a buffet style lunch, which my kids love. I get out my salad fixin's, fruit & an entree. The kids usually have the entree plus whatever fruit & veggies they want. I do the opposite. I have a heaping plate of salad plus usually steal a bite of whatever entree I made for them. But, that one slice of a tiny totinos pizza or 1/2 cup of Annie's mac & cheese or a taquito always adds another 100 or so calories to my lunch.

Spark energy drink from Advocare as opposed to soda.
It's a powdered mix you add to whatever drink you want. I add it to ice water. One scoop is 45 calories. I put one scoop in my water bottle. So, a 24 ounce drink is 45 calories as opposed to 24 ounces of soda being 300 calories.

This is a huge step for me. I've been drinking soda since I started my first job in high school. It's just a part of my day. This Spark drink is the first thing that has truly replaced my craving for a soda. In the past I've tried cutting out soda by drinking something else. But, I still always wanted the soda. Spark has way more caffeine than one soda, but I'll fight that battle later. Right now I'm focusing on cutting soda however I can make that happen.

I haven't cut soda out completely. If I go out to eat, I almost always get a soda. I'm still working on breaking that habit. I'm not even sure I actually "want" the soda. I think I just "think" I want the soda.

A variety for dinner
As much as I try to watch what I'm eating, dinner always gets me. It's usually the time we are out & about, so if we're going to eat out it's usually at dinnertime. Also, the calories just creep up on me. If we had elk steak, broccoli & rice-a-roni for dinner, the Elk meat & broccoli aren't many calories but a cup of rice-a-roni is a lot. I don't even feel like that's a ton of food. I'm not sure how I can eat less than that. But yet, I always eat 500+ calories at dinnertime.

These small changes have amounted to this:
I've been using My Fitness Pal to log my food & exercise. I think 3 weeks is the longest I've ever kept up with logging my food. I hate doing it. But, it's actually easier this time since most of my foods are the same each day.

When I started at the beginning of January, I told MFP that I wanted to lose 15 pounds in 3 months. The program calculated that in order for that to happen I need to eat 1200 calories a day. So, 1200 is my goal. The chart above is mine. You can see I have not once eaten only 1200 calories. I just can't seem to do that. Weekends are my worse. I didn't even bother logging this last weekend. I had a girls sleepover with my friends Saturday night & then took my daughter to the beach on Sunday. Most days, though, I've been eating between 1400-1600 calories.

I haven't had the time to get outside & run, but I have been running on my elliptical.

The first week I wasn't feeling my best & didn't run at all. But since then I've been trying to exercise at least a little bit.

I love (or sometimes hate) the last log in of the day & getting to see my results. This one is fairly typical for me. I get to eat extra calories if I exercise. This particular day I burned 250 calories exercising, so I was allowed 1450 calories for the day. I still ate more than that... and I usually do.

My favorite part is the line at the bottom that says If every day were like today you'd weigh ### in 5 weeks. I'm not sure how exact it is, but since it usually says less than I weigh now it keeps me hopeful.

Cheese, peanuts & going out to eat has made my fat intake more than it should be every single day. I'm just going to say right now, though, that I am not giving up cheese.

I am happy with this chart. I've had more days with less than my recommended amount of sugar than I have with more than. The higher bars are days I had soda. I am not a huge sweets person, so this will be fairly easy to maintain as long as I can stay away from soda.

After 3 weeks, here's my official weight loss.
I'm feeling kind of indifferent about it.
The good - I am 5.2 pounds lighter today than I was on January 1st. That hits my goal of losing 5 pounds this first month.
The baddish - For the last 2 years + I have fluctuated between these same 5 pounds. The holidays caught up with me & I started the month off at the highest end of those 5 pounds. Throughout the last 2 years I've been at the lower end of those 5 pounds many times without cutting soda & eating a salad everyday for lunch. So, I feel as though all I really lost these 3 weeks is .2 pounds.

Here were my goals I set for myself at the beginning of the month & how I've been doing so far.
Short Term Goals:
• Lose 5 pounds each month for three months, for a total of 15 pounds. [Lost the 5 pounds this month, but I'm not feeling like it's a true accomplishment since I've weighed this same amount often over the last 2 years]
• Make soda a rare treat, not an everyday drink. [I'm not sure I can call it a rare treat since I've had a couple each week. But, it's a huge improvement from a couple each day.]
• Run 3-4 times every week [Been doing this. Yay!]
• Work up to doing 5 push ups. [Haven't even tried doing one. Boo.]

I can officially add this button!
I'm Down w/the Sisterhood

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