Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium

We spent Thanksgiving weekend camping at the beach with friends. It was different than our typical Thanksgiving, but we still had a great time. Saturday we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. We hadn't been there in years. It was time to visit again.

Always a favorite at any aquarium are the touchable tide pools.

The cutest little sculpin

Strawberry Anemone

Spot Prawn

Juvenile Red Octopus

Wolf Eel

Moon Jellyfish

A young Japanese Spider Crab. My kids love these guys.

Most of the sea life at the aquarium are found in Oregon's coastal waters, but a few exhibits are not. We certainly don't have beautifully colored tropical fish, coral or seahorses off our chilly coast.

I ♥ seahorses

Outside we watched as the keepers fed the sea otters.

Tufted Puffin
There is a seabird aviary with birds frequently found on Oregon's coast.

Common Mure

The estuary trail gives a view of the bay & wild birds.

The highlight of the aquarium is the Passages of the Deep exhibits. You walk through underwater tunnels made of glass.

Sharks swimming by

There are schools of fish.

Broadnose Seven Gill Shark & Leopard Shark

It appears the rockfish are checking us out.

Bat Rays

In the children's area there were a few quotes on the wall.

This was my favorite.

This was a nice day spent with my family.

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