Friday, January 3, 2014

Making Advent Calendars

Every year I have some sort of advent calendars for the kids. We've done the oldie, but goodie, chocolate filled calendars. Last year we did both the Lego calendars & opening a book a day. In my Christmas decor I have a calendar I made for me & one I made for the kids.

This year, though, December 1st came way too quickly. Let's be honest, December 25th came way too quickly. I never did get out the advent calendars I made because I never got out my Christmas decorations. We did get a tree up, but way later than usual. And, I got out our stockings. That's it. Between schooling the kids & their activities it just didn't happen this year.

When December 1st rolled around the kids asked about their advent calendars. Well... I didn't get out the handmade ones (& didn't feel like digging through my boxes to find them) & I didn't buy even the chocolate ones. Somehow in that conversation we decided they could make their own advent calendars for each other. I scoured pinterest & let the kids pick which calendar they wanted to make.

Here's when having extra stuff around comes in handy. The kids used those things to fill their calendars. Some days had fun things like legos, other days just had a piece of gum or candy. It didn't seem to matter. They had fun being surprised by what was inside each day.

* Calendar 1 *
Mr. T made this one for Capt. N
We cut tp rolls in thirds, then taped them together forming a tree shape. After filling each day with goodies (mostly legos, candy & animal figures) we covered it with green tissue paper. It wasn't perfect, but it was tree-ish shaped. Then I added dot stickers for each day & Mr. T decorated the tree with stickers.

* Calendar 2 *
Princess K made a calendar for Mr. T
I kept the plastic trays from last years Lego advent calendars. They seemed too handy to throw out. We reused one for this calendar. This one was filled with erasers, gum, candy, animal figures, legos, gimp & perler beads.

I found a nativity coloring sheet online, printed it on card stock, then Princess K colored it. I cut doors to open & glued it on the plastic tray.

* Calendar 3 *
Capt. N chose to make this crystal calendar from Mr Printables for Princess K.
I'm so glad he did since it was inspired by a crystal cave in Mexico. We're learning about Mexico this year & this was one more way to squeeze something fun in. Princess K's calendar was filled with legos, erasers, candy, gum, hair clips & chapstick.

This one may have been the most work since we had to cut out each crystal & tape them together, but they sure are pretty.

This was a hit. The kids requested to do it again next year.

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