Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Weight Goals

The start of a new year always brings self reflection. Did I accomplish what I wanted to this last year? What can I do better this year?

Up until I turned 30 & had my 3rd child weight never needed much reflection. Since then it has. I hate that it's an issue & I hate even more that I can't seem to work hard enough & long enough to make any real changes.

Somewhere during the time when I had 2 kids, being pregnant with the 3rd, selling our house, living with my parents for a year while our new house was being built, losing my mother in law to lung cancer & moving to the boonies I acquired bad habits. I haven't been able to shake those habits & my youngest is nearly 6.

It's time to change. But guess what, I've said it before & I don't change. Will this time be any different? I really don't know. Honestly, that's part of the reason I'm not starting a new blog dedicated to my so-called weight loss journey. Because I'm not sure how long the journey will last.

What I did right in 2013:

This is huge for me because I've never been a runner. I've done the gym thing, I've enjoyed pilates & belly dancing. But, I've never run. I'm using the word run loosely. Really it's a slow jog. It kicks my butt, my face turns bright red & I sweat, so I consider it running.

In the end, I realized running was going to be the only thing I could commit to doing because essentially I could do it anytime, anyplace & without special equipment. We live too far from town to make a special trip a few times a week just to go to the gym. We already spend an enormous amount on gas each week. I blogged a little bit more about this on my farm blog. So, running is what I committed to.

In February I got this elliptical machine. It's in our bedroom, which isn't ideal. But, I run on it.

I try to throw running in whenever I can. When 2 of my kids were in a clay class over the summer, my oldest & I went to a track & ran. We had just enough time to jog 2 miles.

One time, while running with a friend, we came across this guy.

Another time my kids decided to run with me, even though they weren't in the best running shoes.

In May I completed my first race. There's a lot of emotion going along with my smile in this pic. I was so proud of myself for doing this race & even running part of it, yet I was so exhausted. It was a quarter marathon. I walked quickly the first 4 miles with a friend, then jogged slowly the last 2+ miles.

I participated in a number of 5k's throughout the summer & in November I ran my last one of the year.
The first time I ran/walked a 5k in March was horrible. I was so extremely exhausted by the end. By November, at the Ugly Sweater Run, I was able to run (jog slowly) the entire thing. I was tired but not overly exhausted & I had done it 13 minutes quicker than the first one I did in March. I am proud of that.

As proud as I am that I've kept with the running, I've also kept on the weight. Seriously. I weigh exactly the same today as I did at this time last year. It's frustrating. I still wear the same friggin' pants.

I realize weight doesn't just come off with exercise. You have to eat better, too. I was just hoping the running would change a little something. Nope.

So, I guess this year I have to buck up & do better. Make some real changes. Commit. I know if I lost weight, the running would be easier & my time would get quicker.

My first step is joining the weight loss challenge at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.
New Year's Boot Camp Weight Loss Challenge with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

I so badly want to add this badge to my blog. I have way more to lose than 15 pounds. But, I'd be ecstatic to lose 15. So, I'll start there. It seems doable if I could just make a couple changes.
I'm Down w/the Sisterhood

Hell, I'd be happy to add this one. That would be 5 more pounds than I lost in 2013.
I'm Down w/the Sisterhood

On my farming blog, in October, I did a 31 day blogging challenge. Along with it, I challenged myself to 31 days without coke/pepsi. Ha! I don't think I lasted 2 days. I already can't truly make this a 31 day challenge since I had soda today. But, I can hope I'll make the change tomorrow. Last year, in January, I vowed to not have soda in the house. I gave myself permission to have it when we were out. I was able to stick to that & I drank far less soda that month. Guess what? I didn't lose even 1 pound that month. It seems as though my body is telling me this is the weight it's happy at. But the charts call it obese, so it can't be ok.

I honestly can't commit to any long term goals, but I can focus on short term.

Short Term Goals:
• Lose 5 pounds each month for three months, for a total of 15 pounds. I know I would look & feel better.
• Make soda a rare treat, not an everyday drink.
• Run 3-4 times every week
• Work up to doing 5 push ups. I've never been able to do push ups. This is a true challenge for me.

I certainly didn't make my goals too challenging. I'm hoping they are goals I can actually accomplish. I need to be able to say I've stuck to something & achieved my goals. These goals are achievable if I use self control.

Wish me luck!

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