Thursday, December 26, 2013

Salt Crystal Gardens

For years I've been wanting to make crystal gardens with the kids. Finally, we did it. We used the popular ammonia & liquid bluing recipe.

Our supplies:
Ammonia, salt, liquid bluing, water, tp & paper towel rolls, cotton balls & foil pans.

The beginning of the gardens.
We placed the cardboard tubes & cotton balls in the tins, then poured the ammonia solution randomly over the cardboard & cotton. Then, I gave the kids food coloring bottles & let them squeeze color onto their garden.

One garden with a variety of colors.

Capt. N's garden of blues & green.
This one got off to a quicker start than the other two for some reason. The day after creating the garden it had many fabulous crystals.

It really was an interesting experience seeing how the liquid solution turned into so many crystals.

We added the ammonia solution a few different times throughout the course of the project.

So cool!

The project turned out great, but I'm not going to rush & do it again. I don't use ammonia & bought it special for this. I've heard that it stinks. I wasn't prepared, though, for how bad it really does stink. And, I could smell it long after we added it to the gardens. That smell lingers. I would rather have paint slopped all over the house, than have to smell that. So, I'm going back to paint projects and avoiding stinky ammonia science projects for awhile.

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