Monday, December 23, 2013

Mixed Media Bird Art

I'm sure I've mentioned that I love That Artist Woman. She has fabulous crafts that are made in such a way that young kids can make them & look amazing. When I saw her Steller's Jay portrait I knew it was something we would try.

Well, we did try them & they are one of my favorite things the kids have made.

We subscribe to a couple nature magazines, so we cut pages from them & glued the pieces to cardboard. This was the base of their artwork.

Next, they painted right over the magazine pieces.

I didn't end up taking pics of the kids with their stencils & painting. Darn it! So, there's a huge step missing in these photos.

The kids began by picking a bird they wanted to paint. Then, we found an outline of the bird & a branch we liked online. Next, we traced them separately onto thin cardboard & cut them out. They used the branch stencil first.

I stressed that when they are using their stencils they need to dab the paint on, not stroke back & forth. This prevents the paint (mostly) from sneaking under the stencil.

Painting the birds took several steps. They'd paint a bit, let it dry & paint again.

Lastly, they used cut letters from magazines to spell the name of their bird.

This artwork looks complicated, but even 5 year old Princess K could do it with a little guidance from me. I usually held the stencil for her while she dabbed on the paint.

This was a multi-step process & took a while to complete. But, it was worth it! They are beautiful.

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