Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lego Kids Fest

Back in October Capt. N & I went to Lego Kids Fest. This was the first time we've been to the event. And, although it seemed like a huge marketing scheme that I paid good money for, we had a great time.

My kids have good ol' regular legos & technics. This was a good opportunity to see what all the others are about. Of course, they were all fun.

When we first walked in we got a good over all view of the whole event.
Throughout the building were large, flat designs made from legos.
And 3d works of art.
And, entire scenes with a lot going on.
The Challenge Zone
We had a very short time to build an item from the category we were given. This was for fun. Nobody won or lost. We all got a lego prize at the end.
Lego Hero Factory
Capt. N got to build a creation, then put it on display.
Lego Galaxy Squad
Fun game where we got to hit the aliens.
A vacuum that cleans up legos. It worked really well.
We listened to this Master Builder speak. His job is creating things from Legos. How fun! We learned that Lego means "play well" in dutch. We also learned that Legos is not correct terminology. We should say Lego bricks.
A huge pile of bricks to play in or build with.
Of course, there was a shopping area set up.
I liked many things at the event, but my favorite was Creation Nation.
There were many tables to build on & a ton of bricks to build with. The idea was to build something in the US to add to the huge map on the floor.
I built the Grand Canyon. Obviously, I am not a Master Builder.
Capt. N built a swamp scene with an alligator, boat & bushes to add to Florida.
We loved checking out all the detail in their creations on display.
As a family that raises turkeys, we found this amusing.
On some of the cases were items to find.
3d Cole from Ninjago
I don't know much about Ninjago. But, apparently the game is played by placing your guy & his weapons on a contraption that spins like a top. At least that's how we did it.
Then you & your opponent spin your Ninjago guys & whoever is left standing is the winner. I admit, it was fun.

As little as I knew about Ninjago, I knew even less about Chima. This station was set up to launch your vehicle through obstacles. It was a quick activity, but still fun.
Lego swag
Capt. N brought home a couple goodies from the event.

There was so much available to do that we didn't have time to partake in every activity, but I'm guessing they were all as good as the ones we did do.

We had a great time & this was a fantastic event for the two of us to go to together.

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