Saturday, December 28, 2013

Halloween Themed Activities

During our school break between the first & second quarter, I put together a couple Halloween themed activities for the kids to do once school started again. This is the type of stuff I wish I could do more of with the kids. It's fun & they're not only learning, but learning without filling in worksheets.

** MATH **
I loved this math idea at No Time for Flash Cards, so I created our own.
I drew one haunted house, then changed the math activity for each of the kids. Mr. T did multiplication.

Capt. N had to match the fraction with the percentage & decimal.

Princess K did addition.

Princess K also used the ghosts to place the numbers 1-10 in the correct order.

Mr. T used this template in the Scholastic October Idea Book for division practice.

I used the same ghost & wheel to make rhyming words for Princess K to read.

I turned the pumpkins into a sight word memory game for Princess K.

In last quarter's wrap up, I showed the Haunted House Books the kids made. Here's a closer peek at the books.

The cardboard was cut to size, then the kids painted it all black. The shingles were made by painting 2 sheets of paper randomly, then tracing a shingle pattern & cutting out each shape. The kids added other details using twigs, cardboard, paper & markers.

Capt. N's titled his story Scooby Doo and the Pumpkin Headed Werewolf.

For the boys, I printed sheets of paper with lines for their text & a blank space at the top for their drawings.

Mr. T's story was The Not Very Scary Monster.

The books really turned out cute.

Princess K's was a book of Halloween words. I printed one group of lines at the bottom of her page for her to write the word. Then, she drew a picture at the top.

I gave them a few goodies on Halloween: 2 erasers, a pencil, a bookmark & McDonald's coupons.

Mr. T chose to grow rainbow corn in his garden row this summer. By fall, it grew very tall.

Mr. T's rainbow corn.

We grew pumpkins this year, so when it came time to carve jack o' lanterns we just went to the garden & grabbed 'em.

Our home grown pumpkins.

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