Friday, December 20, 2013

Columbus Day Activities

I am way behind on blog posts which is why I'm posting about Columbus Day near Christmas. I have a few less busy days this next week & I'm hoping to get caught up.

We spent Columbus Day, well, learning about Columbus. My boys were surprisingly interested in this part of history.

We began the day by watching an old cartoon on YouTube.

Each of us, including me, made a hat similar to one Columbus may have worn.

We put together a map of the Columbus story.
I have talked about these before, but I love these 3-d Maps from Scholastic.

Our finished map

Over the summer, Costco had the Scholastic Monthly Idea books for cheap. We used the October book in our Columbus studies.

It was convenient that Columbus sailed with 3 ships, so each of my kids colored one ship. Mr. T especially was interested in which ship Columbus was on & which ship sank.

Our Columbus goodies
As well as the activities already mentioned, the boys also wrote short stories & colored mosaic pictures.
The mosaic pics are from Lory's Page.
If I Discovered America writing prompt from Jessica Travis on TPT

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