Friday, October 4, 2013

Summer Fun

I didn't squeeze in much time for blogging this summer. So, I'm going to do a quick recap of some of the stuff we enjoyed. We didn't take any kind of vacation this summer. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure we even got further than an hour and a half away from our home. But, we stayed plenty busy. Here's some of what we did:

Watched the Airshow

 Went to the Zoo a Couple Times

Saw a Few Movies at the Theater
Do you know Regal Cinemas have summer movies on Tuesday & Wednesday's at 10:00 for $1? They are older movies, but we don't care. Most of them were new to us. We did see a couple new movies, too - like Monsters University.

Fun on the Fourth

Both Boys Attended Cub Scout Camp

Had Lots of Fun at the County Fair
Mr. T showed his chicken. He is a Cloverbud in 4-H, which means he's not old enough to compete. But, that age group still gets to practice showing & he did great.
Last December, the boys put together Reindeer Report's. Capt. N entered his in the fair & won 1st place in the homework division.
Princess K entered green eggs from our Easter Egger hens & won 1st prize.
Olate Dogs performed at the fair. The kids loved watching it.

Explored Wetlands Areas
Seeing these pelicans was a fun treat.

Learned About Mars

Princess K Continued Gymnastics

Capt. N Still Does TaeKwonDo
This was the day he earned his blue belt.

Mr. T & Princess K Took a Clay Class

Spent Lots of Time in the Garden
Capt. N found this tiny jaw bone while digging in the garden. He thinks it's from a mole or mouse.

We Got Out the "Real" Watercolors

We Painted with Eggs
Quail Egg Painting

Cousins & Friends Came Over
The girls collecting chicken eggs
Picked Wild Blackberries

Did Tricks on the Swing

Rode Bikes a Lot
The kids spent a lot of time outside this summer riding their bikes around our lumpy, bumpy property. Mr. T even taught Princess K to ride without training wheels.

Dirt Fight

Relaxing in the Pool

It was a fun summer that went by too quickly.

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