Saturday, October 5, 2013

First Quarter Wrap-up

Some how I just can't squeeze blogging into my every day life. I enjoy blogging a lot, so it irritates me. I have so much I want to share & want to blog as a keepsake for myself. But, I guess that's just where I'm at right now. When I was only homeschooling Capt. N I was able to keep up with weekly updates. Last year, when I schooled both the boys, it moved to monthly recaps with occasional posts in between. Now that I'm schooling all 3 of them even posting this quarterly wrap up is a challenge. As it is, I've got all 3 kids interrupting me because the "need" something & I'm just trying to hurry up & post this before running out the door to soccer.

We started this school year back at the end of July, so we've already been busy schooling for 9 weeks. Here's a quick peek at what we did this quarter.

• What Capt. N has Been Doing •
When school first started I took "First Day of School" pics that included what the kids want to be when they grow up. Capt. N chose a Zoo Keeper

He's learning about the Caldecott Medal & books that have won it.

Capt. N has been working on Saxon Math. A lot of it has been review so far, but he seems to be doing well with it.

Level 5 All About Spelling is a bit of a challenge for him. He's doing ok with it, but he's struggling more than he did last year at Level 4.

Since we started this quarter during the summer, we explored the creek a few times. I think his favorite thing to do was catch the crawdads.

• What Mr. T has Been Doing •
For quite awhile Mr. T has said he wants to be a scientist.

Mr. T is working on Saxon Math 3. He's been doing well. We just finished lesson 50 & are just now learning new concepts.

He also made these fun number posters. If his number for the week was 5, he divided the paper into 5 sections. In each section he wrote an equation that equaled 5.

He read a story about Chimpanzees & made a diorama showing what they eat, their habitat & predators. We also saw the Disney Nature film, Chimpanzee, over the summer so he used information he learned from that in his creation.

He made a map of where we live.

He then also made a map of his pants. ???

I planned for his Angry Birds themed birthday party to be an outside event, but a storm changed those plans for us. Since his party was moving inside, he made a "Pin the Beak on the Red Bird" game.

He's having fun playing soccer.

• What Princess K has Been Doing •
Princess K said she wants to help kids when she grows up.

She's learning to write upper & lowercase letters.

She's starting to read.

To help her to read, I'm teaching her both phonics & sight words. This block helps her with the sight words. She loves it. I change the words as needed & we use it almost everyday.

She's been learning shapes. She already knew the easy ones like circle, square & triangle, but learned the names of others like rhombus, trapezoid & parallelogram. Each week we focused on a shape & part of that was making a shape monster.

• What We've All Been Doing •
We went to OMSI, a science center.

Besides all the wonderful science-type activities OMSI has, an added bonus is that it's in the "big city." We don't often go in to Portland & going to OMSI is a good excuse to check it out. We talk about the bridges & the river & how people live & work that's different than the way we live.

The garden produced lots of goodies for us. The kids helped harvest & store it.

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Krispy Kreme gives a dozen doughnuts to anyone who comes in dressed like a pirate that day. It was a fun, silly thing to do & my kids loved it.

I've been running/jogging. The kids have joined me on occasion. Even on this day, when they were in terrible shoes, they wanted to run around the track with me. They did fabulous!

We were expecting lots of rain one weekend, so we made a rain gauge. We ended up getting over 5" of rain.

During that rainy, windy weather our power went out. One of the things we did to entertain ourselves via flashlight was set up a tower & throw Angry Birds at it.

The kids made haunted houses & stories to go with them. The idea came from that Artist Woman. Hopefully, I will do another post showing them off a little more.


  1. Oh, how fun to look at all the great projects and activities you have been up to. Thank you for taking the time to show us.

  2. It looks like school can be a learning process and fun. Your children are smart and creative! I am happy to see them doing so well, thanks to you!
    Have a great day and a happy week ahead!


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