Friday, August 9, 2013

2013-14 Curriculum

For the most part, I have the curriculum figured out for this upcoming year.

Since Princess K is starting kindergarten she is officially joining the boys & I for school. I have to admit the thought of teaching her to read all by myself is a bit daunting. Both my boys went to public school for kinder & had a great teacher teach them to read. I've been doing lots of research, though, & hopefully the year will go smoothly.

Most of the core curriculum choices we used last year, so we are comfortable with the products. My three kids are each at different levels. I'm hoping by choosing to stick with products we know that will help us have a great year.

My kids & their levels this year are:
Princess K: Kinder
Mr. T: 2nd Grade
Capt. N: 5th Grade

Some of our curriculum this year:
•  •  •    •  •     Language Arts   •  •  •    •  • 
All About Spelling
Princess K: Level 1
(I don't expect to get very far in the book since she will be spending the first part of the year learning phonics & the sounds of each letter)
Mr. T: Level 2
Capt. N: Level 5

Reading A - Z

Various workbooks

Evan-Moor Literature Pockets

Evan-Moor Literacy Centers

Letter Writing
Mr. T & Capt. N

Princess K: Dry Erase books & ABC Mouse printables

•  •  •    •  •     Math   •  •  •    •  • 
Saxon Math
Mr. T: Saxon 3
Capt. N: Saxon 6/5 + the optional DIVE CD

Various Workbooks

Evan-Moor Math Centers

•  •  •    •  •     Other   •  •  •    •  • 
Mavis Beacon Typing
Mr. T & Capt. N

Social Studies
Various Workbooks & Activities

Mr. T & Capt. N

Various Activities

Princess K: Gymnastics
Mr. T: Soccer
Capt. N: Taekwondo

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