Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Peek at our School Room

When we were building our house I never envisioned this room being used for school. Funny how things change in a few short years. I will admit there are some days when I wish our school room could be used in other ways. But, everyday we do school I am so very thankful to have a space dedicated to our schooling needs. There are a kazillion ways kids learn & a kazillion teaching styles. I am a visual person. I need things to look at & point at & talk about while I'm teaching my kiddos. I also need a place separate from the rest of the active & crazy household. This room fits those needs.

Most of our schooling takes place in this room. I guess what I should write is - nearly all schooling that involves me teaching my kids their core curriculum takes place in this room. The kids work on their independent work in various places throughout our home. There's a desk upstairs that they sit & work at. The computer they use is downstairs. Capt. N often likes to sit in his bed to work. We often read while chillin' in my bed. We typically do art projects on the kitchen table. Then, of course, there's the kitchen & the garden & the chicken coop & the infinite list of other places kids learn.

For this post, I'm sticking with our main school room to share. It's a fairly basic room that was once our family room.

•  •  •    •  •     Wall 1   •  •  •    •  • 
This wall holds a little of everything. There is a bookshelf, an entertainment center that holds lots of goodies & maps are tacked on the wall.

The top of the entertainment center holds our geography & social studies books & projects.

The tv section of the entertainment center holds a cork board & projects usually based on the unit we're studying. The cupboard areas hold Math & Language Arts supplies.

The back of the door to the school room holds certificates & awards. I took down last years awards, so the door is empty now - except for some encouraging words.

•  •  •    •  •     Wall 2   •  •  •    •  • 
With 2 windows taking up most of this wall there isn't much room for much else. But, I squeezed stuff where I could.

The math vocabulary cards are a new addition this year. Last year we realized it might be helpful, so we'll give it a try. I got the cards from Eric Ambler on TPT.

I added skip counting by 10's cards for Princess K this year.

•  •  •    •  •     Wall 3   •  •  •    •  • 
Wall 3 is our Language Arts Wall & also holds the always important white board.

Writing area
What Do Writer's Write idea from The First Grade Parade
Rate Your Writing from Hooty's Homeroom
Using my Writer's Eyes from Sailing Through 1st Grade

Reading Area
Fluency Anchor Charts on TpT
We Are Good Readers on TpT
Reading Around the World from Angel Street Mom
LA Anchor Charts on TpT

Spelling Area
All About Spelling

A few months ago I added the vine around this window & as Princess K learned about a letter we added it to the vine. We will also be adding flowers to the vine. As she learns a new word we will write the word on the flower & add it to the vine.

•  •  •    •  •     Wall 4   •  •  •    •  • 
This wall holds a variety of things. The middle area between the doors is mainly used for science books, projects & decorations. The door on the left has calendar & weather charts. It also has fun signs from Technology Rocks Seriously that I will change throughout the year.

The door on the right showcases projects from books or stories the kids are reading.

•  •  •    •  •     The Middle   •  •  •    •  • 
The middle area has all sorts of things, but mostly holds my teaching supplies.

Thanks for looking around our very full, yet completely functional school room. To see more schooling areas check out the Not Back to School Blog Hop.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

2013-14 Curriculum

For the most part, I have the curriculum figured out for this upcoming year.

Since Princess K is starting kindergarten she is officially joining the boys & I for school. I have to admit the thought of teaching her to read all by myself is a bit daunting. Both my boys went to public school for kinder & had a great teacher teach them to read. I've been doing lots of research, though, & hopefully the year will go smoothly.

Most of the core curriculum choices we used last year, so we are comfortable with the products. My three kids are each at different levels. I'm hoping by choosing to stick with products we know that will help us have a great year.

My kids & their levels this year are:
Princess K: Kinder
Mr. T: 2nd Grade
Capt. N: 5th Grade

Some of our curriculum this year:
•  •  •    •  •     Language Arts   •  •  •    •  • 
All About Spelling
Princess K: Level 1
(I don't expect to get very far in the book since she will be spending the first part of the year learning phonics & the sounds of each letter)
Mr. T: Level 2
Capt. N: Level 5

Reading A - Z

Various workbooks

Evan-Moor Literature Pockets

Evan-Moor Literacy Centers

Letter Writing
Mr. T & Capt. N

Princess K: Dry Erase books & ABC Mouse printables

•  •  •    •  •     Math   •  •  •    •  • 
Saxon Math
Mr. T: Saxon 3
Capt. N: Saxon 6/5 + the optional DIVE CD

Various Workbooks

Evan-Moor Math Centers

•  •  •    •  •     Other   •  •  •    •  • 
Mavis Beacon Typing
Mr. T & Capt. N

Social Studies
Various Workbooks & Activities

Mr. T & Capt. N

Various Activities

Princess K: Gymnastics
Mr. T: Soccer
Capt. N: Taekwondo

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