Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Visiting a Wetlands Area

Back in May the kids & I visited a wetlands area. The weather was great for exploring.

We saw a Great Blue Heron.

We saw a killdeer nest with 4 eggs. To read more about the nest, check out this post on my farming blog.

We saw birds collecting goodies for their nest.

We saw a duck mama & her babies.

We saw a nutria.

The kids explored a large puddle.

We saw lots of life in the puddle, including this snail-type critter.

We also saw this type of snail.

We saw a pile of cracked egg shells that we guessed had hatched, not been eaten, since they were broken in half & not crushed.

And, we saw an osprey nest with both parents & babies. To read more about other birds from the wetlands on my farming blog, click here.

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