Friday, July 5, 2013

Swiss Family Robinson Unit

Our last quarter of the school year we studied The Swiss Family Robinson. The boys loved this story. I'm so glad we read it. To be honest, I had a whole slew of ideas to go along with the book that we didn't get to. But, here are the extra things we did do:

To give a bit of wild flair to the classroom, I added a snake & foliage to our globe.

We classified most of the plants & animals we read about in the book. We also did a separate mini unit just on plants.

The World Forestry Center had an exhibit on tree houses during our unit, so we went to check it out.

The tree house exhibit wasn't all that exciting, but I was happy to see this natural roll of rubber since the Robinson Family comes across a rubber tree.

We also went to the Oregon Zoo to check out their flamingos since they were in the book.

My hubby helped the kids collect water on a sunny day.

The boys each had unit binder.

They added drawings to their binder. The boys especially loved the part in the story that described the monkey helping dig for potatoes.

I made worksheets to go along with the unit. Mr. T had word problems worksheets.

He also had worksheets to fix punctuation & capitalization errors.

Capt. N had to add punctuation to paragraph worksheets.

Both boys had journal prompts for each chapter.

I also used these jungle character writing prompts.

The kids really enjoyed this unit. After we read the entire story, I rented the Disney movie from the library. Although it varied quite a bit from the book, the kids liked the movie, too. This was one of those times where I wish we would have done more. The possibilities are almost endless on activities to go along with this adventure story, but I was just wore out & couldn't do more than we did.

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  1. Cool unit, thanks for sharing it. I love Swiss Family Robinson.


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