Sunday, July 14, 2013

May in Review

I am so behind on my blog posts & am just now getting around to posting about some of what we accomplished back in May. The major event was that we finished up for the year at the end of the month.

Capt. N read the instructions out of his webelos book & made rock candy entirely by himself.

We did a unit on plants.

We also did a unit on The Swiss Family Robinson.

Mr. T learned about contractions, in part by making this book.

Since it was the end of the year, the boys finished up their All About Spelling curriculum.

Princess K graduated from preschool & will do school with the boys & I this upcoming year.

Mr. T made this for Mother's Day. It's me.

He also made me this bald eagle since he knows I like them.

These two he made just for fun. I love the peacock pic. It even has a nest with an egg in it.

We went on a few field trips, including a trip to the wetlands.

We also went to the Rose Gardens.

And, we went to the beach & explored a tide pool area & saw this newly born harbor seal pup.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beach Trip

A few weeks ago we went to the beach for the weekend. We do live in Oregon, so it's rare to have a warm day with no wind at our beaches. We certainly didn't get that perfect day, but at least it wasn't pouring down rain.

We stopped for a bit at a beach we hadn't been to before.

A rock covered in starfish, barnacles & muscles.

This was a great place for the seagulls to catch fish.

She could jump waves all day long if we let her.

We walked to the top of a lighthouse.

We learned about the prisms in the lighthouse.

We were able to use this telescope to look at a peregrine falcon nest with babies.

Tide pool

A harbor seal pup so brand new that its umbilical cord was still attached.

It really was the cutest thing.

Don't worry, I'm not that close to the seal pup. My camera is zoomed in to its max.

Nap time for the little guy.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Unit on Plants

To go along with our Swiss Family Robinson unit, we also did a mini unit on plants. We used a variety of materials including Plant Classification Unit from Lightbulb Minds, and Life Cycle of Plants.

Front of Plant Lapbook

The boys made a postage stamp displaying a flower. Their stamp also had to include a country & amount. Mr. T chose tulips & Holland for his country.

They were interested in the parts of a seed. I don't think they had thought about a seed having different parts before we discussed it in this unit.

A couple of the picture books we read.

We classified the plants found in The Swiss Family Robinson book. Amazingly, we never came across a non-flowering plant.

We went outside to figure out the best position for a leaf to be in to collect the most sunlight.

The boys grew beans & wrote down their observations.

Their bean plants.

They also get lots of hands on plant experience with our fruit/vegetable garden, as well as our flowerbeds. This summer the kids each have their own row in the garden they are responsible for. They got to plant whatever seeds they wanted & need to weed their row.

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