Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Learning About Chicks

Over the spring Mr. T worked on a chick unit. It seemed a fitting topic since we have many chickens & he's in a 4H poultry club.

5 books from the library to go along with our chick unit. Our favorites were the 3 on the right: Chicken Cheeks, Chicks and Salsa & There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Chick.

Funny story... I had no idea what Chicken Cheeks was about. But, when I was grabbing books from the library this book had chicken in the title, so I checked it out, too. I brought it with us on the way to the Tulip Fest since it is quite a drive. I asked Capt. N to read it. He read, while I was driving & the other two listened to the story. In the middle of the story I realized it was all about using different words for your behind. We laughed & laughed, I think mostly because the story was so unexpected. I'm not much for potty humor, but this book was funny.

Mr. T did a variety of activities from What's Hatchin' Chick? A Lil' Unit About Chickens. Here's some of what he did:

A super cute craft and book report about Chicks & Salsa.

Our can/have/are chart about chicks

Mr. T's answers to 3 Things I know about Chickens:
1. A chicken is called a pullet under a year old. (it should read a female chicken)
2. A chick is not fluffy when they hatch.
3. A rooster has spurs.

Title page of Mr. T's Egg Hatching Journal

21 of our eggs hatched.

I love his response to What did you learn about hatching eggs?
They do not come out as a fluff ball. They are really slimy.

He also made this poster for the PNPA poster contest. He described chicks that hatch in an incubator & chicks that hatch from a mama hen.

This is the clutch of chicks Mr. T was observing.  They are our 5th hatch of incubated chicks. To read more about them check out my farming blog.

In the brooder, just a few hours after hatching.

A yellow & black chick in my creeping phlox.

 My kids love when we learn about animals in school, so this unit was a real hit.

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