Thursday, May 2, 2013

April in Review

This isn't my typical month in review post since there are nearly no school room or school work photos. But, spring is here & it feels so great to get outside. I'd rather show those pics instead. Here's some of what we did in April:

Tulip Fest
The kids & I spent a morning at the Tulip Fest just for fun. It is such a great spring place to visit. To see more pics check out my farming blog.
I brought bubbles for the kids to blow & caught some fun pics with the tulips.
Mr. T & Princess K, hand in hand, strolling down the grassy path.
Similar pose of the two of them in 2011.

Swiss Family Robinson
Capt. N, Mr. T & I are reading Swiss Family Robinson & doing a variety of activities to go along with it.
Mr. T's drawing of the Robinson's wrecked ship.
The Oregon Zoo recently got flamingos. So, we went to check them out since there are flamingos in the story.
We visited the World Forestry Center because they had an exhibit on animals who live in the trees. I thought this would be fun since the Robinson's also lived in a tree.
While at the Forestry Center the boys got these cool airbrushed tattoos.

 Cub Scouts
For Arbor Week, we went with the boys' cub scout pack to plant trees. They love this outing every year.
The boys crossed over into their next levels of scouts.

One afternoon Mr. T & Princess K took their journals outside to draw our ducks playing in the pond.
Princess K's ducks. I ♥ them!
Mr. T showed his chicken for the first time. He didn't win, but they all got blue ribbons. To read more about our day at the PNPA show check out my farming blog.
Mr. T's poster he made for the PNPA poster contest.
Capt. N's poster.
While at the poultry show we bought 3 baby quail. This one was lucky enough to have its picture taken with Ariel in Princess K's barbie house.
A broody hen hatched 4 eggs. I love this pic of them stretching right after they came out from under mama. You can read more about them here.

Not only is spring here, it's already May. Amazing! That means we're nearly finished with another homeschooling year. Also amazing! I hope everyone has a great end of the school year! 

I'm sharing this post with the Weekly Wrap-up.
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