Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visiting the Portland Aquarium

A few months ago the Portland Aquarium opened & we finally went to check it out. There is not a huge shark or dolphin to draw in a crowd, but the aquarium is very hands on & the kids loved it.

The kids peeking at the underwater critters.

This is what they were looking at - Pacific NW sealife.

This isn't just a boat. It's filled with animals you can touch.

Lots of anemones & starfish.

This fish is a painted greenling.

In this tank was a large green moray eel. It was awesome!

Fish, sponges & coral of tropical waters. We fed these guys pieces of shrimp & meat.

A Giant Pacific Octopus named Roxy. She also was awesome!

This blue ringed octopus is quite small, but is venomous enough to kill several adults.

Wesley, a green iguana, was out to touch, too.

Moon jellies

Pacific Sea Nettles

And still more jellyfish. There is something very fascinating about them.

Frog fish


Giant clams

Worm eels

All my kids picked the shark & ray tank as their favorite part of the aquarium. I bought fish & they tried to feed the small sharks & rays. They loved reaching out to try to feel them.

Many of the rays were curious & came close a number of times.

Before we had kids, the hubby & I were scuba divers. Visiting the aquarium filled me with the urge to dive again. I enjoyed the aquarium & it was a great way for my kids to interact with animals they don't typically see, but there is nothing like experiencing these animals in their natural environment.

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