Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We didn't have any plans for spring break. It was nice just to relax & find fun things to do at home. I almost finished the digital scrapbook from our road trip & I pulled lots of weeds, but I didn't get near as much school stuff done as I would have liked.

The first day of spring break we went to the Portland Aquarium.

On one of our walks, Princess K found a little tree frog.

The kids made the frog a habitat. But, they all agreed they should let it go the next day.

They dug for worms.

My hubby rented a piece of equipment that dug trenches & dug post holes. He got a lot of outside work done since we had a number of nice days. The trenches were dug to run electricity & water to the chicken coops & garden, but also for the invisible dog fence. The boys even helped bury the wire.

The kids loved playing in & jumping over the trenches.

Princess K enjoyed watching the ducks swim.

We dyed Easter eggs a couple times.

We dyed our white, browns, greens & blue farm eggs, which made bright, rich colors.

The most memorable event was Princess K, my sister, my niece & I got to ride in a helicopter with the Easter bunny to an egg hunt! The girls enjoyed it, but I don't think they quite understood just how awesome an opportunity that was.

In the helicopter

Looking out

More lookin' out

The Easter Bunny in the helicopter.
That was an experience I will never forget.

Now that spring break is over it seems appropriate for my daffodils to finally start blooming.

Spring break was a success. Eight more weeks to go & we will have survived another year of homeschooling. That is hard to believe. The year went by so fast.

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