Monday, April 22, 2013

Human Body Unit

Last term we studied the human body. The kids were really in to it. I think they were fascinated to learn that so many systems working together is what keeps us kickin'. I tried to cover a little of  everything, but it was almost overwhelming - even for me. There is so much more, especially experiments, that I would have like to have done, but didn't have the time. Here is some of what we did do:

The little section of our room devoted to the human body.

My favorite book we used was this pop-up book.

I love the pop-up pics. There are also many pull tabs that keep the kids interacting with the book.

We have this layered puzzle. Each layer shows a different part of the body such as skin, muscles or bones. I didn't love this puzzle as much as I thought I would. The drawings weren't great.

I printed a skeleton pattern from The Crafty Crow & the boys put it together.

I bought the Squishy Human Body to go along with our unit. We named him Fred & the boys loved taking him apart. My only complaint (& it's not really a complaint) is that it was a tad difficult to get Fred back together after we took him apart - which makes me glad I am not a surgeon.

I found this fun way to show the different parts of blood over at Spell Outloud.

Our finished blood with its white & red blood cells & platelets. The kids loved this project!

This isn't exactly a human body, but we did use this Dr. Dreadful activity in our human body unit.

I printed this brain hemispheres hat from Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop. It was a lot of fun to see which part of the brain does what.

We used this book a lot. Most of the pages the boys colored & added to their pocket book.

We also used this book, but not as much as I thought we would have.

Cover of Capt. N's Human Body pocket book.

Each pocket held a number of worksheets.

A couple other resources I used were
Cynce's Place
American Red Cross

Videos we enjoyed were:
The Skeleton Dance


  1. We are studying the human body, too.

  2. We did the human body this year too! My boys loved it. Looks like we did a few of the same activities as well!


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