Friday, April 5, 2013

Dr. Dreadful - Alien Autopsy

We have done a couple of the Dr. Dreadful science activities. Our most recent one was called Alien Autopsy. The candy was gross, but making it was fun.

Capt. N loves putting things together, so he assembled the alien.

It is super cool to mix a concoction, especially when you know it will wind up being something you can eat.

It is also super cool to use a syringe.

The eyes & rib area when set turned into a gummy candy.

We got to mix up alien intestines, then eat them.

The final candy we concocted was a green goo mixed in the alien belly.

When you turned the alien on the belly shimmy & shook. I was mesmerized watching the goo continuously change shape.

The kids didn't like the way it tasted, but they had fun playing with it.

Capt. N got this as a gift. So I have no idea how much it cost or whether it was worth the amount paid. But, we certainly had fun with it & there was enough stuff leftover to make all the candies again.

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