Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life in Plymouth Colony

Way back in November we learned about Life in Plymouth Colony using Evan Moor's History Pockets. This was a great way for the kids to learn a little more about the pilgrims. There was reading, vocabulary, crafts & activities with very little prep from me, which was nice.

The book is made from the larger pieces of construction paper. The bottom of the paper is folded up & stapled to make a pocket to hold all the goodies. This book had 8 pockets.

Each pocket had "words to know." We would read the information pages to figure out what the words meant & then the boys would write down what they learned.

Each pocket had a fun activity, like this puppet...

... or this game. We learned that the pilgrims would make this game out of wood for their kids.

The boys pretended they were the town crier. They had to think about news worthy events of the time & then stand at the front of the room & read them to the rest of us in loud voices. They loved doing this!

We learned about different quilt patterns.

We learned about what a keeping room was.

We even made hasty pudding, which none of us really liked.

At the end of the unit they wrote an acrostic poem to the Pilgrims, using the words thank you.

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  1. We like History Pockets, too, although we have not used that particular one.

  2. We love history pockets! Nice work. :)


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