Friday, March 1, 2013

February in Review

Wowzers, another month gone by! We only have a couple more weeks to go in our 3rd term. We are finally starting to get into a good groove. We started school at the end of July & it was hard to get into it when the nice weather had finally made it to Oregon. Second term was rough & I was overwhelmed. We started our third term in January & it's going great. Hopefully the rest of the year goes as well.

• MATH •
The boys made tessellations. I love them. Capt. N made something similar last year. Click here to read how we made them.

We've been using All About Spelling this year. It really works for us. I love the tiles. I think they especially work well for Capt. N. I started Mr. T at Level 1, but skimmed through the first few lessons which seemed to be stuff he already knew. Mr. T just finished Level 1! Yippey, an accomplishment!

Capt. N works at Level 4. It's the perfect fit for him. He's doing amazingly well with it.

Capt. N finished reading Henry Huggins this month & made a collage to go with the story.

Mr. T has read a variety of things, including this Amelia Bedelia book.

As a writing assignment, Capt. N wrote about Lego Robotics. He loves making a web chart, but isn't a fan of the actual writing process.

The kids read books from Reading A-Z. Sometimes they just read a story & sometimes we do the lesson plan provided with it. To go along with How Many Rhymes?, Mr. T wrote his own poem in a similar way that the author wrote.

Another book he read from Reading A-Z was Ants, Ants, and more Ants. He also read National Geographic's Ants & made a few collages about ants in his nature journal.

The ant collages inspired him to make other animal collages, which I love.

Mr. T has been working through this geography workbook.

One activity was learning about a map grid. When I started explaining what that was he told me he already knows because of a Wild Kratts game. Well, that made my job easier. I had him show the game to me & he was right it does show coordinates.

Last year when Capt. N was learning directions I told him when I was younger I was taught to remember Never Eat Shredded Wheat as a way to make remembering the directions easier. He wanted to come up with his own saying & came up with Never Eat Squirmy Wormies. So, I taught that one to Mr. T and he made his own compass rose.

Capt. N finished learning all 50 state capitals with worksheets & flashcards I made. To get them, click here.

There is a new Lego challenge hosted by All Things Beautiful! The first weeks challenge was to create something 2 dimensional. I gave Capt. N the added challenge that whatever he made had to do with something we were studying in school. He knew right away that he wanted to make a lego version of our skeleton guy.

Check out our Valentine's Day activities here.

And, to see how President's Day activities, click here.

Now that February is over, we can think about Spring. Yippey!

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  1. I like all your pictures. It really explains what they are working on.

  2. I love his Lego skeleton guy and I love that you combined Legos with your schooling.


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